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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Photography is an art and we are the perfect artist that you can get in the city of joy Kolkata. We have creative photographers who specialize in wedding photography, and many other types of photography, such as corporate, family, senior portraits. We travel to your destination and capture magic.

We will guide you through every moment and will make sure you make the most beautiful memory out of special occasions. With years of experience under our belt, we are the most reliable photography company. We capture reality because we believe people live in the moments of life, and we click a photograph of the same for you to cherish the memories forever.


Our incredible team of experienced photographers is profusely skilled with industry-standard techniques.

Verified By Big Platforms and Companies

We have been verified by some of the most popular platforms and companies such as Canvera, for our creative photography skills.

Legal Service

We have a proper trade license and our company is GST registered under the government. Our photography service is genuine and there is no risk of any fraud.


We have captured thousands of memories, and our customers have always been happy and satisfied with our work.

Paper Agreement

All the assignments are carried on via paper agreement, and we provide full support throughout your memorable events.

Payment Via Banking

The payment for all our photography services is done through banking medium to our company's bank account. The whole process of payment is easy and efficient that way and is also 100% safe and secure.

Warranty Certificate

Our company provides proper and original warranty certificate to all our customers. Even after our photography, we will still be there for our customers.

High Rate of Professionalism

We have extremely professionals who have vast knowledge about photography. We will make the best out of your precious moments that you will cherish forever. We always deliver on time, and we are known for our excellent time management skills.

Creativity At Its Peak

We know the angles and the techniques that will make a photograph livelier. Hence, our creative team of experts will guide you through for the best output.

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