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3d-io BonesPro V4.21 For 3ds Max [WIN32 WIN64] vanvas




You can also blend bones together by selecting their children. Tools: **2D**: In 2D a bone is simply a 2D line. You can change the default setting to have the bones snap to joints and set the number of bones in each mesh.  **3D**: In 3D you can rotate and scale the bones. By default the bones start out with the same position and size but you can set them to float (live) if you would like.  **2D/3D Manipulation**: By default BonesPro allows you to move bones by either moving their coordinates in 2D or by moving their origins in 3D. This functionality can be set to automatically switch based on the scale of the bones. There is a way to move bones by moving the overall mesh (some workarounds are listed below).  **Joints**: By default, joints are aligned between the different parts of the character. You can select a specific joint instead to make the bones move to their specified position (for example, if the head were rotated).  Some workarounds for moving bones without joints: - On the frame where you want the bone to move, you can make sure that you have a joint between your keyframes. Then select the bone, and press Shift+Cursor Up/Down to move the bone.  - Similarly, the position of the bones can be forced via the position of the bones' surfaces, by setting a keyframe.  - If you have a few frames with a common shape, you can set the position of a bone to be that of a keyframe. - You can also "force" a bone to be the same size as another, by selecting the two bones and pressing Alt+Shift+Cursor Left/Right.  - In 3D, you can set the size of a bone using the Bone Size setting.  **Customization**:  - You can choose to have the bones snap to their children.  - You can make sure that the bone origin remains at the origin of the mesh. You can also move the bone in the same way that you would the origin of the mesh.  - The default vertex size can be set. - You can choose which bones will be



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